Albert Pattison celebrates his 80th Birthday on 14th April. We were planning a bit of a guest appearance on the field of play and a big bash party. But, with all those on hold, we thought it appropriate that Albert should start of the discussion who would make the Bridge All Time XI. Having spent over 65 years playing and watching cricket at The Bridge, the teams he's chosen certainly span the decades.

And in true Albert style, he has come up with two options. The comments are on for discussion and we'll be sharing on social media too.

Albert Pattison's All Time XI

1                   Des Wyrill

2                   Eddie Barnes

3                   Sam Anthony

4                   Dulash Udayanga

5                   Adam Fisher

6                   Matthew Fisher

7                   Mark Fisher

8                  Brian Shirley               WK

9                  Karl Carrver

10                Barry Petty

11                 Mick Oldfield             Captain


Albert's All Time Second XI

1                    Gerry Grinham          WK

2                   Paul Oldfield

3                   Mike Willink

4                   Steven Crowder

5                   Robert Pinder

6                   Clive Clark                   Captain

7                   Russell Robinson

8                   Simon Gill

9                   Alan Shipley

10                Harry Goddard

11                 Roy Piercy