[Interview] Eddie Barnes: taking on the south with Sussex CCC

Eddie Barnes Yorkshire Bowler

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll more than likely have heard the news that Sussex CCC have snapped up our Yorkshire pace bowler, Eddie Barnes, on loan. We caught up with Eddie to find out the latest on his experience down south!

We’re so pleased for you! How did it all come about?

It was madness. I was literally one day into a 3 dayer for the Yorkshire seconds and was actually checking the weather for the next day to see if I could stay up a bit later with some rain about. Next thing I know I’ve got our director on the phone saying Sussex have been in touch and have injuries, so wondered if I was available to go on loan and if it was something I wanted to do. I absolutely jumped at the chance of it. It’s quite rare for someone who hasn’t had first team experience, but I was more excited than anything!

Eddie Barnes Yorkshire Bowler

Photo: Shaun Conway Photography

It’s a massive opportunity! What are you hoping to take from the experience?

I’d hopefully like to make my first team debut and contribute to winning games! They’ve got a settled 11 and are playing really, really well so if I don’t then I’ll still see it as a great experience. Either way, it’s a chance to get to see a different city, experience new things and get to know new people! Already it’s been so enjoyable, getting to know the lads and training, game and repeat is exactly why pro sport is so good and it’s just great to be part of a first team environment!

Eddie Barnes, Yorkshire CC Bowler on Loan to Sussex Sharks

Photo: Shaun Conway Photography

It must have been quite something being down at Lords last Friday with the team against Middlesex?

Yeah really good, it’s the second time I’ve been there and it just gets better every time! Even though I didn’t play everything about the place oozes class and it was special to even just go out and field, definitely hope I can get back in there soon and possibly play next time!

The question everybody wants to know… When can we be expecting you back at Bridge taking wickets?

So my loan period is until the end of the one day competition, so if we qualify then I might end up missing the next two (Clifton and Sessay) but I’ve no doubt the lads will get 20 points! I might struggle to even get back in the team if they play that well! I’ll be honest, I can’t wait to get back playing for the bridge!




You heard it here first, Eddie would rather be at SHBCC than Sussex CCC! All jokes aside, we are immensely proud as a club to have so much talent on our side and to see our lads getting chances like this is unreal. It just doesn’t get much better!