£2,500 needed to keep the

We need your help. Due to Covid-19 there has been no Cricket this year and therefore the club has had no income. But there are still bills to pay such as  ground maintenance, rent, insurance and utilities. All the work at the club is done by volunteers and the grounds are looking spectacular, ready for the game of cricket to resume if at all possible. If you can help with a donation, please click here

These sunny weekends are certainly making us miss being down at Bridge and catching up with our friends & team mates. Despite no games, we are still dedicated to keeping our club houses & grounds top notch and keep things ticking over through the summer with a glimpse of hope.

Our fundraising effort

We’re looking to raise £2500 to help keep the cogs turning. Whether you’d normally be paying for teas, membership, buying a round of drinks or a bacon butty from the BBQ – we’d appreciate if you’d be able to contribute something in it’s place to our fundraising efforts. Click here to donate